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Calavera BARGAIN STORE Basic Package (Clearance) - Calavera - from $189.95 for the Basic package.

CALAVERA pays tribute to the legend and lore of "Dia De Muertos". Skull adorned with fresh flowers on a black background conveys a tongue in cheek mysticism!

Reverse: Solid black

Sheets: Aqua, Pink or Grey. You choose.

Towels not included in package.

Colour:Calavera Size:

No extras needed?


Extra Sheet Set (colour):
No Extra SheetsNo Extra Sheets
Extra Sheets (size):
Extra Duvet Cover (colour):
No Extra Duvet CoverNo Extra Duvet Cover
Extra Duvet Cover (size):
Extra Towel Set:
No Extra TowelsNo Extra Towels
  • Black Towels (+$28.95)Black Towels (+$28.95)
    Black Towels (+$28.95)
Black Towels (+$28.95)
  • Chestnut Towels (+$28.95)Chestnut Towels (+$28.95)
    Chestnut Towels (+$28.95)
Chestnut Towels (+$28.95)
  • Red Towels (+$28.95)Red Towels (+$28.95)
    Red Towels (+$28.95)
Red Towels (+$28.95)
  • Taupe Towels (+$28.95)Taupe Towels (+$28.95)
    Taupe Towels (+$28.95)
Taupe Towels (+$28.95)
Fibre Bed:
No Fibre BedNo Fibre Bed
  • Single Fibre Bed (+$74.95)Single Fibre Bed (+$74.95)
    Single Fibre Bed (+$74.95)
Single Fibre Bed (+$74.95)
  • Queen/Double Fibre Bed (+$99.95)Queen/Double Fibre Bed (+$99.95)
    Queen/Double Fibre Bed (+$99.95)
Queen/Double Fibre Bed (+$99.95)
Kitchen Starter Kit:
No Kitchen KitNo Kitchen Kit
  • Kitchen Kit (+$94.95)Kitchen Kit (+$94.95)
    Kitchen Kit (+$94.95)
Kitchen Kit (+$94.95)
Dorm Safe:
No Dorm SafeNo Dorm Safe
  • Dorm Safe (+$79.95)Dorm Safe (+$79.95)
    Dorm Safe (+$79.95)
Dorm Safe (+$79.95)
Extra Hangers:
No Extra HangersNo Extra Hangers
  • 5 Pack (+$5.95)5 Pack (+$5.95)
    5 Pack (+$5.95)
5 Pack (+$5.95)
Shower Curtain & Rings:
No Shower CurtainNo Shower Curtain
  • Shower Curtain (+$5.95)Shower Curtain (+$5.95)
    Shower Curtain (+$5.95)
Shower Curtain (+$5.95)


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