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"It has been a great experience working with you on obtaining these items. In today's world, it is rare to get good customer service, and I have only positive things to say about you, and the quality of items I purchased. I certainly would recommend your company, or if needed, use it in the future. Thank you. Jackie @ Carleton"

"I LOVE IT!! It goes perfectly in my room! Again thanks for everything :)"

"Thanks for your superb service!"

"Thank you very much.world class stuff😀"
Hamis Mohammed

"I received the bedding package today. Itís wonderful! Thanks again for staying on top of thisÖ.much appreciated."

"Very pleased with the products and service."

"I am very impressed with the package! The sheets, pillows and covers are amazing! Thank you!"

"Great service! Bedding package and towel package delivered right to my kids university residence! Good quality for a great price."

"Perfect, same great service you provided about 5 years ago for me, while on exchange :-)"

"Just wanted to let you know that your service is great. I am purchasing again for my younger children going off to university. I have purchased twice before and very happy with your products. I also compared with the big box store and was told they couldn't touch your prices. I figured they are about $100. more than Residence Linens. Thanks for a great service. Anne August 2015"

"Many thanks for that lovely gingerbread cookie and the tea! Really enjoyed them and the entire products so far especially the kitchen starter kit which has made my move in so effortless! Hope to be back for more soon."

"It has been really interesting adjusting to this whole new life at university, and one of the things that truly did help me out (as small as it may seem) was the ease at which I was able to order a delivery of all my necessary residence linens. I came from British Columbia, and I had to travel alone to the university, so having that much less luggage was really important, especially when shipping was not a viable option at the time. The bed sheets are very comfortable, soft, and warm. The pillows themselves are just the right width so that my neck does not feel strained when lying down. I also really like the colour of the linens (I ordered sky blue). In fact, I have had many friends comment on how nice the colours are. Overall, I am quite satisfied with everything regarding my transaction with Residence Linens, so thank you very much. James"

"I just got to my room and fell in love with my linens! they are beautiful!!!! Sky blue is, by far, one of the best decisions ever made hahah I didn't notice when I bought them but even my laptop, mouse, tea cup, cereal bowl and tooth brush are blue!!!! And the hangers are great too! Actually, everything is amazing!! you're the best :) and make justice to your "slogan" about creating your home away from home. Thank you for everything!!!"

"We saw our son on the weekend and he said the bed was extremely comfortable with the fibre bed on it and he falls asleep on it instantly. He totally agreed with the marshmallow analogy. That's amazing, since the bed consists of a single mattress on top of a wooden box. The fibre bed is a great product, money well spent. Just hope he doesn't sit on the bed while trying to study or he'll doze off! Thanks,"

"Thanks very much, all looked great. This was a great purchase experience."

"I have to say that I have nothing but praise for your company. I think the whole concept of your business is fabulous. It was wonderful to not have to worry about any of it .. Peter loves his bedding. He especially likes the personalized fleece throw with the crest on it. and the laundry bin is great. he brought it home this weekend (Of course, full of laundry) !! and I was particularly pleased at well it travelled back and forth. no plastic or metal bars to grab onto and stands on its own. Regards,"

"Just wanted you to know that I was thrilled with your sheets and bedding. It is amazing ..great quality and my son didn't complain, which means he loved it too. Thank you for making that part of the move in effortless . Great stuffÖyou should make it mandatory for every parent to view your products. Thanks again"

"I want to thank you for doing such a good job delivering our bedding. With all the hustle and stress of moving, it was nice to see the the right order with the right name in the right room in the right colour! It was like a welcome package waiting for us. Everything was good."
K & D Hebert

"I have been enjoying these linens every day when I go to bed. The polka dots are great and make going to bed fun! All my friends love them and can`t stop talking about them. Thanks for everything!"

"I was so happy that I ordered my linens from Residence Linens. The box from you arrived before my bed! I was extremely grateful to have a duvet and pillow that first night, that's for sure! I love how easy it made things for moving by not having to worry about packing sheets, a duvet and pillow or buying them once I got out here."

"Thank you for the linens, they have more than met my expectations. I really appreciated that they were delivered and the ease of the entire process. Thanks!"

"Just wanted to let you know I picked up the order yesterday and finally had a few moments tonight to have a good look at everything. Brad really likes it and I love the quality of everything - thank you!! I will definitely be recommending your company to all my friends whose children are heading off to university."
T. Wood

"I have to tell you that I have checked around and your prices are great."
L. Quinn

"I really love my bed linen it makes my room feel more like home. My aunt bought this package for me for my graduation which was the best graduation present ever. Thank you so much."

"I want to give a special thanks for the linens! Not only is the duvet cover beautiful it's so comfortable! The pillows and everything are great and comfortable and the best thing about the whole thing is... It was so easy!!! Residence Linens made my move from Alberta to Toronto super easy and all my friends are jealous of my great bed and the Ryerson blanket!!! Thanks for everything!!!"

"I ordered my linens online and the day i moved into residence at my university, there was a box sitting in my room, like a big welcome to university present waiting for me!! Thank you so much for your speedy delivery. I would definitely recommend Residence Linens to my friends, and to anyone reading this review. Sam"
S. Herbert

"It was just like magic. The linen box was there when my Jeff arrived. Yippy! Thanks for your service. We'll recommend you to others."

"I received the package late last night and wanted to thank you for your swift delivery. The package incorporated everything I could possibly need and was purchased at great value! Many thanks."
J. Gallant

"Thank you! I love this service,,,,wow"
K. Pizale

"Thank you for all your help. Iím very happy with my package from Residence Linens- it was definitely good for someone like me (as an international student with no family here in Canada to assist me in my move) to have all the essentials here waiting for me. The hassle free move-in was definitely a stress reliever since I had no time to buy (or space in my suitcase to bring) all the bedding! Thank you again."
S. Searle

"The Residence Linens delivery worked very well. The packages was waiting at the dorm when we arrived. Travelled to Toronto by air, so it saved us a lot of hassle. We appreciate the availability of your products."
D. Slater

"(My son) is very pleased with his linens and they were waiting for us when we arrived. Great service, thank you."
A Harrison

"I am very happy with the residence linens. I love the colour (water blue) and the comforter IS comfy! Thank you it was so easy to order."

"The package has just about everything a student needs to get started when living in residence. Iím enjoying them very much and Iím very happy Residence linens was available to me."
J. Townsend

"Very good idea. Gave my son a sense of "this is my place, my home and it looks great." Especially like the crest. Also made life easier."
A. Reiter

"We are very happy indeed with the linens and very much appreciate the personal service and all the help you gave us."
J. Noel

"I am very pleased with the package and delivery was quick and efficient. Thanx for making sure everything is ok."
M. Holm

"The package is great, even better than expected."
H. Kertes

"Awesome, Thanks."
M. Mikati

"Nicely packaged, impressed with the speed of delivery, and thought it was great."
M. Quan

"Great idea, thanks for saving me time and money."

"I am soooo extremely impressed with the order. Everything is so fantastic! I am going to suggest that we go through your company every year for our exchange student program."
K. Minella

"Thank you for changing my order, (even before I asked), the 'double' is great!"
D. Cherfan

"The package looks great, thanks for all your help."
B. Ali

"Great quality, very happy!"
C. Anderson

"I'm so pleased with my linens and package. Perfect! Pillows are so comfortable and it suits my new room."
D. Rylander

"The package is awesome. Really, really awesome."
C Leung

"I was delighted to unpack your lovely linens yesterday. It felt like Christmas every time we came across a new item. He was thrilled that everything was so well coordinated and I was relieved that I did not have to shop for all these things. This is a terrific service and worth every penny. Best wishes for continued success."
M. Pigott

"I wanted to let you know that the order arrived within a few days of our conversation, which was very impressive! Iíve become a bit jaded by promises of speedy delivery which never happen. This was a pleasant surprise. The kids really liked the linens and some of their friends were very envious and wondered if there are similar packages for other schools. Thank you so much."
M. Grattan Geilen

"The package was great. I was so thankful that it was sitting in my room when I arrived. I didnít have to worry and it was one less hassle during move-in day."
E. Gilpo

"Hello Debbie, I just wanted to tell you how much I love my package from residence linens. At first, my family was a bit hesitant to buy me a whole bed set since we do have sheets etc at home, but now that they have seen it, they think it was a great investment. This is the first time that I will have my own set that matches so well. I really appreciate how you emailed me in advance to let me know when it was coming, and the speed at which it was delivered. That couldn't have been done any better. I am sorry that this email is a bit late, but we have had some computer problems. Thank you very much for the time you put in ensuring that I would get exactly what I wanted."



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