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University/College Things I Will Need Checklist  
Remember your residence room will be your home away from home for the next eight months. It will look sparse when you first arrive but will quickly warm up and take on your look as you move-in your own things. The list below suggests items that will make your stay more comfortable. Keep in mind that it may be easier to buy some items after you arrive at school. Most schools have a great bookstore.
Most Important!

 All school documents
 Bank card
 Driver's license
 Family photos
 Friends email and numbers
 Key chain for room key and student cards

Residence Essentials

 Duvet Cover
 2 Pillows
 Mattress pad
 Laundry hamper
 Fibre bed
 All from Residence Linens

Room Decor

 White board and pens
 Favourite stuffed animals
 Reading material
 Playing cards, games
 Musical instrument, if you play one
 Adhesive strips or squares. Remember, NO TAPE

School Essentials

 Alarm clock
 Power bar with circuit breaker
 School supplies - paper,pens,pencils

Personal Items

 Clothing-remember change of seasons
 Workout stuff
 Bathing suit
 Shampoo, hair products
 Razor, shaving cream
 Laundry detergent


 Please check your school's Fridge Policy
 Plate,bowl,glass,mug,knife,fork,spoon for your late night snacks

What Not to Bring

 Electric appliances
 Sub woofer
 Nails,tacks,tape for hanging decor
 Shelving or hooks that require screws to affix



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